Create the Perfect Space

Having your own space in any home is pivotal. Everyone needs their own bedroom, their own sanctuary to escape to. Having an office, or a designated place to focus, is a must for anyone who is serious about getting some work done. Before I had my own office set up, I would grab my laptop and get comfortable on the couch. It wasn’t so bad unless I had Netflix on (which was always) or my phone would call out my name (which was always). It was so easy to get distracted and even though I was comfy under a soft blanket, my writing suffered because of it.

So when we moved into a bigger house, I knew exactly what the unused space would be perfect for. My home office. It was as if this space was made for me. Right off of the kitchen, close to the coffee pot. My desk fits perfectly in front of the window, allowing in natural light and a beautiful view of the green backyard. Baby gates already blocked the doorways leading into the room keeping my little Princess from doing her favorite thing in the world, which is moving things from one place to another. It was meant to be.

Photo by Caio from Pexels

Picture it, waking up refreshed on a. overcast Sunday morning. A fresh cup of warm coffee waiting for you on the kitchen counter in your favorite mug. Rain sprinkles down on the windows, creating the perfect rhythmic pattern to patch your fingers typing against the keys. Your favorite inspirational playlist on Spotify plays quietly in the background as you express yourself, only having to type “synonyms for ….” into google once or twice. I’m a simple human, that’s all I want. 

Decorating this space in my home was a real treat and even though I’m not quite finished, it already feels so warm and inspirational. I covered the walls with tapestry and banners I’ve had since high school, others I found on Amazon. A white board where I can keep track of the things I need to get done that day, or the occasional inspirational quote to keep me motivated. Even though I have a planner at my desk, it helps me reidorate my tasks when I write them on the white board. Maybe it’s from all my years in the education system.

I found my desk at Target and was amazed at how inexpensive their selection was. Not only was it sturdy and solid but simple to put together. The little shelf off to the side of the desk is perfect for a desk lamp, your coffee mug, whatever your heart desires. While I was at Target, I browsed the clearance section because, let’s be honest who can just walk past that gold mine. I found this little triangle shelf and I knew instantly I wanted to use it to display my crystals and stones. I carefully selected the gems I did to help bring protection and balance to my office space and having them up on the wall right next to me where I can feel their energies really ties the office together.

Half way through set up, while my office was still a HOT MESS.

I wasn’t completely sold on the cubby storage unit when I bought it (also at Target. Yes, I know, I have a problem). But they fit within my budget and provided the space I needed to stay organized and also have a few spare cubbies for my husband to use for his college books. Now, I’m so pleased with them. The cubbies were simple to put together and, for the price, are holding together quite well. 

This setup is perfect for those on a budget. One of my favorite places to get interior design inspiration is Pinterest, like any millennial woman, and in my searches I noticed that everything looked the same. Big desk, big beautiful chair. All the stationary and pens are matching with the perfect shades of blush and rose gold. And as stunning as that is, it’s just not in my budget. So this is what I came up with, simple and sweet. 

Finished product!

My office/meditation room/indoor herb garden is the perfect combination of all my needs and interests. Which is the whole point of putting together a creative space, making it perfect for you! Not only will you feel accomplished after finishing your home office, but you’ll be able to get an exceptional amount of work done. Whether you’re writing, painting, or playing music, having a space with purified energy will help make or break your progress. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much you put into your art if you aren’t inspired. 

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