Day 2

Day 2 prompt: For your current WIP: (do you have many WIPs? I have so many WIPs. So I mean current as of right this moment, the project you’re thinking about right now.) What motivates you to write this specific story? What makes this story special for you? Is there a special twist/trope/setting you want to explore? What got you started on this particular story?

My current WIP (work in progress) is my modern fantasy, Elements. It’s the series I’ve been working on for about ten years now. I know that sounds like a long time but there’s five books that I’ve been plotting out. The first one written, the second one about a third written and the rest I have pretty much pieced together. It’s evolved a lot over the years and it’s something I’m tremendously proud of. 

What motivates me to write this specific story is obviously my personal attachment to it. After a decade, it’s very much my baby. I started writing it because I was swimming one day and I jumped in the pool, staying under for as long as I could before returning to the surface for air and it made me wonder, how cool would it be to be able to manipulate water? Witchcraft is something that has always thrilled me, something I was instantly drawn to. From that, mixed with my own personal experiences with magic during my high school years, when is really when I started dabbling with the craft, came this idea of elemental witches. A coven of sisterhood. What makes this story so special to me is how personal it is. So many of the characters are inspired by my people, my close inner circle of found family. So many of the themes are struggles I have faced myself, things I have gone through with my friends, the dynamics of all our relationships and the struggles of growing up and figuring out who we are on top of the added drama of fiction. 

As far as special twists/tropes/settings for this particular WIP, I could go on for literal pages. My personal favorite twists are the ones cunningly hidden in plain view, but you’re so preoccupied with other plot elements that you don’t notice it. And when it is finally revealed, you look back and think, “Holy shit it’s been there all along.” As for settings, I love nature. I love how nature can reflect emotion. You’re scared? Here’s a graveyard in the middle of the night, twisted trees barren of leaves in the winter cold hanging above your head. You’re happy? Here’s a meadow full of wildflowers, birds chirping back and forth to one another. The warm sun beating down on your skin. You’re sad? Here’s a rain storm in the middle of the night as you wait at an uncovered bus stop, wondering when your life will begin. 

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