Day 3

Day 3 Prompt: What’s your character’s motivation? What motivates them to act like they do?

Going back to Elements, my main character’s motivation is to figure out who the hell they are. My two main characters are a pair of adopted sisters with very little knowledge of their past. This only fuels their need to find out where the source of their powers came from. It’s the one piece of themselves they feel is obtainable, like if they are able to know the truth about their magical abilities, it’ll make up for not knowing their biological parents or the history behind the families they were born into. It’ll make the sting of their parents giving them up hurt a little less. 

This drive to learn their truth is what motivates them to behave kinda recklessly. They don’t think about how things could go wrong, or who could get hurt on their conquest. It’s not until their lives as they know it blows up in their faces that they take a step back and promise to be more careful, to be more mindful of their actions. This of course is when they finally discover they aren’t the only ones with elemental powers hiding in plain sight. My main character, Whitney, is convinced this is all she’ll ever have in this world. She has a sole purpose given to her through this magic, and it’s her duty to uncover the truth, no matter the consequences. It’s not until she realizes the truth is more complicated than she could have ever imagined that she wonders if she and the other girls have gone too far. 

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