Day 4

Day 4 Prompt: Thinking back to the motivation(s) you defined yesterday, what is your character’s goal (or goals) and what conflict(s) prevents them from getting to that? In short: Define the GMC for your characters. G – Goal

M – Motivation

C – Conflict

Lol I guess I already touched on goals, to find the truth behind their powers and where did these abilities originate. The conflict that prevents them from uncovering the truth emerges in layers. The girls aren’t the only witches in the woods and many of them are definitely not friendly, not towards the Elementals, anyway. What happens when you’re the hero of your own story but the villain in another’s? That’s what the girls find out the hard way. Perspective is everything, and one of my favorite things is to blur the lines between right and wrong, good and even. Because it’s all about who you ask. Everyone is the hero of their own story, even when they are anything but heroic. 

GMC. Goal: Whitney and the other girl’s goal is to uncover the history of their magic and find if others like them exist. Motivation: Thinking they were the only ones with powers for most of their lives, living in fear of being discovered. What would their families think? Their friends? Their lovers? Conflict: Not only are there others out there working tirelessly to bury the truth, but they are just as adamant of burying Whitney and the other girls six feet under. I love when characters hate each other for very valid reasons, when the reader can look at both sides and be sympathetic, conflicted on who is right and who deserves their support. Obviously, you want to root for the protagonists, for they are the heroes of the story right? What happens when the heroes have just as much blood on their hands? It’s not so black and white, but all shades of grey. 

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