Day 5

Day 5 Prompt: What’s a worldbuilding detail in your WIP that you really like?

I like taking different aspects of magic and witchcraft to create my own spin. One of my favorite things about fantasy is you can really do whatever you want with little explanation besides, “magical energy” and it gives it validation. One detail in particular that I’m really proud of is how the girls can feel each other’s magic when they use their powers. This is something that is specific to an elemental generation only. Witches without elemental powers cannot sense other witch’s magic and other generations are unable to sense outside of the five elements in their specific group. A generation is a set of five witches with powers of the five elements born within five years of each other. The five elements being water, fire, earth, air and spirit. I really love this detail because it solidifies the connection Whitney and the other four main characters have to one another. The obligation they all feel to stand behind one another and protect each other because not only do they have a common goal, but they can literally feel one another’s magic coursing through their veins. It’s like a blood pact. Something that not only brings them together, but keeps them together. 

I also want to add how much I love their matching jewelry. It’s probably the main reason the five girls decide they can truly trust one another because none of them really know where each of their gems come from, but they know they’re all connected to one another. The floating ink inside of the jewels that changes color when they’re around one another definitely helps. It’s these details that bring them together but it’s their own decision to work together that truly bonds them.

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