Day 6

Day 6 Prompt: What worldbuilding idea did you come up with that you would have loved to use but just couldn’t get to work?

Parents. In the original draft of Elements, Whitney and her sister, Rayn, had parents and I actually really enjoyed the dynamics between them. How the parents tried to understand their powers but were also low key afraid of their potential. Ultimately, it didn’t really add anything for them to have parents, especially in the later books. It was just another obstacle when they got further into the mess. So I decided to up everyone’s ages a few years and cut the parents out completely. The only thing it took away was just that extra layer of not wanting to disappoint them but also wanting to forge their own paths, typical teenage stuff, but as I decided I didn’t want Whitney to be a teenager, putting that parental pressure on her just added more to her character. Forcing her to grow up quicker than she was ready for, forcing the extra responsibility of caring for her siblings, that added stress on top of their main goal and motivation of uncovering the truth behind their abilities. She needs to uncover hundreds of years worth of buried secrets AND make sure the lights stay on? Welcome to the real world. 

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