Day 7

Day 7 Prompt: Do you have a writing day? Or a writing hour? When do you get most of your writing done?

I don’t have a schedule as of right now. I tried, I really did. But how my life is right now and the ages my kids are at, schedules just aren’t really on the table. We have a half assed idea of how things are going to go when the day starts, but I kind of have to take things as they come. I usually write the most in the afternoons or late at night. When the kids are asleep, or at least when my youngest is asleep. Whenever I have the freedom to focus on something but also the quiet to concentrate. 

For example, the other night I was in the zone. I was just tipsy enough to get some good ‘drunk writing’ done and I had ideas I wanted to get out. The words were flowing and I was actually really happy with what I was producing. Then my baby was crying, he wanted attention. My daughter wanted me to watch her dance. My husband was busy with things that needed to get done. So sometimes, having time to write is pretty low on the list. That’s why my blog will go weeks without a post or the dates of a last edit for a google doc will be further away than I hoped. I do the best that I can, but unfortunately even when I do have some quiet time to focus and get some shit done, I just don’t have the inspiration. And yes, sometimes we do need to force ourselves to write even when our muses are silent but it’s oftentimes one of those things that requires the planets to be aligned. Someday I’ll have a pretty little schedule that I’ll actually be able to stick with but for the meantime, I write when the universe allows. 

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