Day 8

Day 8 Prompt: What is your favorite trope to write and/or read? And is there a difference between reading and writing the trope?

So many tropes come to mind. I love enemies to lovers, redeemable villains, grey morality. But I have to narrow my favorite writing cliche down to found family. There is nothing I love more than a group of misfits who find a place in the world that they belong. Strangers thrown together by chance that end up loving and supporting one another through life’s trials. It’s one of the main reasons why I love Bioware games so much. What I love about Harry Potter, and the list goes on and on. 

There isn’t much difference between reading and writing about found family. I guess the biggest difference would be that you get to decide who the people are and what bonds them together. Are they fighting for survival? Are they all thrown into therapy and work through their deepest trauma together? You get to decide what they have in common and how the bonds are forged. When you read about found family, you get to sit back and enjoy not knowing what’s going to happen. You can watch the friendships blossom without worrying about if it flows well or if it’s too slow, too fast. There’s a lot less pressure being a reader. 

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