Day 10

Day 10 prompt: Tell us about ideas you have floating around. Worldbuilding snippets, or ideas for new stories. Just a few bullet points.

I’ve always wanted to write a self indulgent romance. Opposites attract. They think they have each other all figured out but in reality there is so much under the surface for both of them, things they never reveal to anyone except each other. Maybe they’re on different sides of the political aisle. Maybe they come from staggeringly different economic backgrounds. Maybe they just flat out hate each other. Enemies to lovers is definitely my second favorite trope of all time, second to found family which I touched on in an earlier post. 

Humans judge. We can pretend that we don’t, we may bury it and act like it’s not our place to stereotype each other but we all do it. Even if it’s just a quick “wow why tf would that person do something like that?” We’ve all had someone in our lives that we judged, thought we knew exactly the kind of person they were just to later find out that we had them all wrong. Maybe we knew someone similar to them and associated all of their bad habits onto this new person. Maybe we were projecting something deep within ourselves onto them. Whatever the reason, there’s something painfully human about realizing you were wrong about something you were so sure of. Humbling, even. 

Plus, I’ve read quite a few romances in my day and most of them aren’t done very well. That’s just my personal opinion but I can count on one hand how many romance stories actually pulled my heartstrings in all the best ways and didn’t end with one of them dying. Most of what I’ve found out there is just shameless smut, which I’m here for, but if the plot falls flat then I just can’t get into it. Like bad porn on paper. 

So, like many other writers, I look at things like that and think how I could do it so much better. Maybe I could, I won’t know until I actually sit down and write it but I have a half ass idea for a plot so maybe one of these days I’ll knock it out. Save it for a rainy NaNo. 

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