Day 13

Image by Hebi B. from Pixabay

Day 13: Look at your characters, maybe even the one you created yesterday, and be honest. Do you have a type?

I definitely have a type when it comes to my main characters and their love interest. It’s no secret. For main characters, it’s hard to get inside the head of someone who isn’t at least a little like you. Every protagonist I’ve created has had a bit of my soul wrapped up in their personalities. Whitney from Elements is a reflection of my early twenties, matured enough to stand on her own but not experienced enough to not trip and fall on her face from time to time. Metaphorically of course, none of my protagonists fall victim to the helpless clutz trope of YA heroines. She’s strong willed, a force of nature when she’s pushed to be so but on the average day, she’s a bit reserved. Watching to see how things pan out before making a solid decision. All of my protagonists are the same in the sense that they are strong willed women who can take care of themselves. They don’t need anyone to rescue them. They don’t need a man to come in and change them. Their love interests teach them things about themselves and the world, but the love interests don’t come in trying to change them. 

My type for love interests are always good guys. I cannot stand the mentality of a girl meeting some douchebag and changing him for the better. To me, love isn’t about changing someone to fit some mold you have. Love is about challenging someone to better themselves, sure, but it has to be them making the decision. Love is about accepting someone for their good and bad traits. Loving them despite their flaws and growing together. Bryan, Whitney’s love interest in Elements, is a Pisces through and through. He feels everything so strongly and because he’s so intune with his emotions, he’s able to relate to people on a deeper level. That’s always something I’ve really admired about Pisces men, they’re so empathetic to others. They genuinely care and they aren’t afraid to show it. I love a man who can express himself and that’s definitely something I carry into my main love interests. 

Of course it’s boring when all characters are the same. I try to diversify as much as possible. The easiest way to do that is write what you know. The majority of my supporting characters are based on someone in my life. Sometimes it’s just little things that act as building blocks until the character can take their own form. Sometimes I use their name, appearance, the whole shabang. I look at it as a little shout out to my friends as, “Hey, I love you so much I put you in my book.” and so far everyone has been super cool about it. I like authenticity. I guess I can narrow it down to that being my type.

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