Day 14

Day 14: Do you have figures/creatures of folklore in your WIP? If not, can you think of something that would fit?

I mean, Elements is a fantasy series, so OF COURSE I have creatures of folklore. I have some that I save for later in the series that I won’t go into because I haven’t fully developed those yet but my absolute favorite creatures are the shadows. I probably could have come up with a flashier name for them but you know, not everything has to be complicated. Shadows are exactly what they sound like. They’re these beasts that form from shadows into physical form. They lurk in the darkness, stalking their prey until they are strong enough to hunt. They are directly linked to the antagonist, so as the villain gets stronger, so do the shadows. What inspired me for their main appearance was actually old gothic gargoyles. I always found them to be so terrifying, the way they sat up there watching your every move. To feel their eyes on you, knowing you were being stalked. Knowing they were waiting for you to let your guard down so they could strike. How do you sleep when you know any shadow cast in your bedroom could manifest one of these creatures? How do you stop looking over your shoulder when the sun strikes the right angle, casting a dark streak behind you. Can you even trust your own shadow? To me, that’s fucking terrifying.

Photo by Florian Doppler from Pexels

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