Day 18

What ideas came to you recently from daydreaming?

This is a good one, because most of my ideas have come to me while daydreaming. The most recent one is actually a relationship between two of my supporting characters. They have a lot of history but I hadn’t gone into much detail of exactly how they developed their feelings for one another. The exact moment that it clicked and they crossed the line from friends to more. How everything fell apart for them and most importantly, how they found their way back to each other despite all the pain they had caused one another. I’m a sucker for good ships, and the best stories have more than one. I like to play around with all the different layers and emotions of love, because no two relationships are alike. I’ve fallen so far into these two falling in love that I’ll probably end up writing a little novella about them. I just think they’re neat.

Image by Ahmed Gomaa from Pixabay

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