Day 19

How do you decide which WIP to work on?

I try to stick with one at a time. I’ll have one main WIP that I put most of my firepower into but there are always other pots simmering on the backburners. My blog posts for example, future projects that I’ve worked on in the past or ones I hope to expand on in the future. Like any other artist, you kind of have to wait for your muses to talk to you. Sometimes it’s like having seventeen tabs open in your brain at once, other times it’s radio silent. I try to prioritize based on what is closest to being completed but sometimes you have to let the waters carry you on their own. While about 80% of my mental power remains on Elements, I still hop around to other stand alones. It honestly depends on what I’m doing that day or what music comes on. I have songs for all my WIPs so if one comes on that I have on a particular WIP’s playlist, it ignites my fire to work on that story.

Image by AnnaER from Pixabay

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