Day 21

Day 21: What’s a trope you haven’t used yet but want to use one day?

Slow burn is definitely one I’ve never done before that I think would be fun. I’ve never written a genuine romance novel, it’s always been a background theme. There and making an impact on the story but not the main purpose. There’s something about watching two people slowly fall in love, knowing that they’re meant to be together but waiting for the two of them to figure it out. There’s been times where I’m reading a slow burn romance where I wanted to grab the two characters’ heads and push them together. “Now kiss.” But that’s what keeps your audience engaged, giving them little nibbles of something good and then slowly revealing it. Each page is turned because the readers are eager to see what happens to these people they’ve grown to care about. You have to give them something to care about, characters and readers both. 

It’s funny that it’s one I haven’t used when it’s one I definitely relate to. My husband and I were friends for years before we started dating, granted we were sixteen when we got together but the slow burn was still present.

Photo by Vladislav Murashko from Pexels

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