Day 22

Tell us about a scene you’re most looking forward to writing in your current project. 

So while my current project is a five book series, there are MANY scenes I’m looking forward to writing. One of the perks of being a plotter, I like having a road map of how things are going to turn out which takes a lot of the pressure off the actual writing for me, but I still have to be feeling a scene for it to sound right. That being said, what I’m most excited about writing in the future is definitely the end of the fourth book. I know that sounds ambitious as an unpublished writer but this series is getting done even if I have to stand on the street corner and sell copies myself. But the ending of the fourth novel is something I’ve had in the back burner of my mind for years now. It’s one of my favorite branches of the plot, favorite twists, favorite thing you never saw coming with honestly, my favorite character. Are we supposed to have favorites? Do they have to be our protagonist? Anyway, it looks and sounds great in my head, and I’m taking my sweet time to ensure that it transfers through the keyboard.

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