Day 24

Have you ever read a thing in a book or seen in a show/movie where you thought: “Oh, this is good, I’m gonna steal that!” What was it?

Magic and spells, usually. With my current WIP, Elements, I have been trying to do my own spin on magic. Make it something unique while still honoring the practice of witchcraft, because it’s a fine line, ya know? There’s still so much about the craft I’m still discovering and learning myself, and there’s so many different opinions out there. The story evolved into what it is because of my fascination and pull towards witchcraft but where I am now in my life, I’ve come to have a great deal of respect for it. And I want that to come through in the plot and the world I’ve created. One of my favorite things about fantasy is that you can answer the question “why?” with “because!” and it’s completely acceptable. While I do plenty of that, I want some of it to be believable and relevant to modern day witchcraft, so we’ll see how well I deliver on that.

Photo by Jewel Tolentino from Pexels

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