Day 30

Did your main characters change as you wrote them? Was that the plan or did they surprise you?

Every single one of them, but two characters specifically changed the most from when I first started the journey of writing Elements. Abe and Lauren. Now, I know those names don’t mean anything to anyone but they are completely different people from what I originally planned. Lauren in the sense of how she changes throughout the series. One of the few who have read Elements told me how much Lauren annoyed her, and good because that’s the point. But she endures and grows into honestly one of my favorite characters of the series. Abe, on the other hand, changed drastically from conception to who they are in the first book. Originally, Abe was a female character with a very different personality. I decided to switch genders up because I have so many female characters, I wanted to add more guys to the story and specifically guys with powers. Male witches are very underrated and believe it or not, they actually exist in real life. I wanted to make sure they got their moment in my spotlight as well. 

Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

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