Day 32

What’s your favorite trope you’re not writing and why?

Enemies to lovers. I love it. I love to read it, but it’s not something I’m currently exploring in my WIP. Maybe two characters will pop up in at some point, I mean across five books who knows what my mind will come up with. But for the time being, I just don’t have anything for that trope on the horizon. I enjoy it though, because enemies hate one another and you can’t hate someone without some kind of passion. You have to care about someone, or at least their opinions, to hate that. Otherwise, you’d just be indifferent. Seeing that passion for hating someone slowly turns to thinking they maybe they aren’t such a worthless sack of shit, to finding them almost tolerable. Then realizing you may have actually been completely misjudging them, and then the grand moment, my absolute favorite part of the trope. Oh. And yes, it has to be italicized. That moment of oh, oh no. Oh no, this can’t be happening. Do I like this person? Or worse, do I love this person I used to think was less than slime? Oh yeah, I live for that kind of stuff. One day it’ll seep into a story. Maybe it’ll be Elements or a new WIP I haven’t tinkered with yet, but someday I will explore it.

Photo by Adrian Curiel on Unsplash

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