Day 33

What kind of gestures are your characters often using?

My witches in Elements don’t use wands or latin words, they use their hands to physically manifest magic. Kinda like the Last Airbender. So the gestures used by my characters the most is the use of their hands. Snapping fingers to light flames or throwing their hands up into the sky to call wind or a rainstorm. Waving your hand to shut a door behind you. The motions don’t have to be dramatic, they can be subtle and still have the same effect which is nice because there are definitely moments where using magical powers discreetly would come in handy.

I didn’t want to use wands or magic words because for one, those methods are used a lot. Two, I wanted the witches themselves to be the vessels of magic, not a secondary source. I wanted them to be the ones who can manipulate the energies flowing through the world all by themselves.  

Photo by Flora Mipsum on Unsplash

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