Day 36

The relationships you write, what kind of power-dynamics do they tend to have?

I don’t write a lot about significant power dynamics. Like sleeping with your boss or having one person in a relationship hold power over the other. I’m a Libra and a feminist, I like good balance. That doesn’t mean everything is equal and pretty all the time because that isn’t realistic but I try to keep things in the same ballpark at least. Forbidden romances can be fun and they definitely have their place, but there’s a fine line for me. 

So far in my WIPs there really aren’t power dynamics in my main relationships between my protagonist and their love interests. The obstacles they have to overcome typically stem from things like, being together is dangerous because I have enemies who will hurt you to hurt me, or we shouldn’t tell anyone we’re dating because of drama/conflicts with our families or friends. 

Photo by Levi Jones on Unsplash

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