Day 74

I looked through old WIPs and I couldn’t find anything that I’d say was ‘dumb’ per se. Instead I decided to share my favorite conversational piece between my characters from the first book I ever wrote: 

We continued to eat our meal in silence. I already had as much information as I needed. 

        “I’d kill for a cheeseburger.” I heard Emily whisper. “A double quarter pounder with extra cheese.” 

        “That sounds really good.” I replied, my mouth began to water. “With a large Dr. Pepper.” 

        “And French fries with extra ranch dressing.” 

        “Ooh and a huge slice of Oreo pie.” 

        “And lasagna.” 

        “With garlic bread.” 

        “And a shot of jack.”  

        “With a line of coke.”

Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash

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