Day 78

Fanfic or original, which fandoms/genres do you like to write?

I wish I was brave enough to publish my fanfiction. I admire fanfic writers. Some people like to say that fanfic writers aren’t “real writers” and that’s such a load of shit. Some of my favorite authors write fanfic. While 90% of my writing is original, I do fanfic mostly for fun and no one ever reads it. When you’re writing original fiction, you decide who your characters are, you make the setting, you create the tone but with fanfics, the characters and world are already built. That intimidates me. When I’m writing a character and it’s someone I created, I’m much more confident that I’ve accurately captured their voice and mannerisms. I’m always nervous with fanfic that I don’t have a tight enough grasp on the characters or that I’m not being original enough. 

The fandoms I dabble in fanfic for are Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I’m a big ol’ Bioware fangirl and I have shed literal tears over those video games. 

Photo by Kristian Angelo on Unsplash

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