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Day 69

Set a timer and write for 20 minutes. How did it go?

You know, I wasn’t planning on this particular piece of plot ending the way my mind took it but now that I see it down on paper, I dig it. It definitely ties into the idea of Murphy’s Law and I always like to back my characters into corners. Oh that was your last shot at making this work? Nah, not anymore.

I think this is something I need to do every day. Let’s be honest, maybe not every day, but more frequently to be sure. If you don’t set the time aside to get something done, chances are it’ll remain unfinished.

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Day 67

How do you get through the fire swamp?

How does anyone get past the idea that they aren’t good enough or their work isn’t good enough? When I figure it out, I’ll let you know. I go through phases. Sometimes I’m the fuckin’ best and I’m my own biggest cheerleader and then imposter syndrom sinks in and I second guess my every move. I just try to stay patient and supportive of myself no matter what, and remind myself that my art matters.

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Day 66

What’s the thing that you find super annoying about writing?

It’s not even the writing itself, it’s the publishing process. How much money can we make off this writer? How many social media followers do they have? Do they blog? Like, none of those questions are about writing. Yeah it’s a job and you have to make a profit and blah. But there is a difference between someone who has an online presence and someone who is a talented artist, in my personal opinion.

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Day 64

How do you start writing a new story?

When I start a new story idea, I don’t put anything down on paper for a while. I linger on who my main characters are going to be, what they want and what they’re willing to do to get it. I think about location and why this story is important. Why are the characters important and why would anyone care about it? Why do I care about it? I let this all simmer on the back burner until I have some more concrete thoughts and then I just jot down a quick shopping list of my ideas. Maybe start a Pinterest board of aesthetics. 

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Day 63

Are you more of a drabble/flash or a longfic/novel kind of writer?

Novels, hands down. I cannot for the life of me tell a short story. It always grows and grows like a chia pet. I’ve tried but they always feel empty, like a skeleton. Missing the muscles, the fat. My issue is sometimes, if I let myself, they get too long. When I started Elements, all I had was the idea of the five girls and the dynamics of their relationships to each other. How they contrasted yet fit together so well. Then it snowballed into this massive project spanning over my entire adult life.

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Day 62

What is your favorite thing to write about?

The dynamics of relationships, all different types. Friendships, romance, siblings, parents and children. I love how complex people’s connections to one another can be and how those connections can rewrite their entire lives. Reprogram their way of thinking. How our childhoods can influence every step we take as adults, good and bad. Even the people we dislike can change our outlooks. We associate everything with people. Food, hair color, movies, music. One of the main things I try to capture when I write is people and how they interact with other people.

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Day 61

Do you describe the weather? Try changing a scene you wrote by adding weather effects.

Oh hell yeah, I love the weather. Nothing sets tone and scene quite like the weather does. Something I did just for fun for this prompt was take a scene where it was pouring rain outside and changed it to a quiet, cloudless night. Surprisingly, it didn’t change a whole lot which I thought was really cool. The foreboding I had echo throughout the rain was still present in the stillness of the sky. Makes you wonder if you’re in the quiet before the storm.

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